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Below are some of my general terms & conditions.

  • I will try my level best to cover as much events / happenings as possible. However it is your responsibility to provide me access, if am not allowed to get into a place, I can’t get any photographs, can I ? So it's better to discuss the events and do the necessary arrangements in this regards.

  • Editing of photos will solely be our call, if you do not want certain kind of photos (say No B/W images, no selective colouring, etc.,) please specify it clearly so that I can have them noted while am processing the images.

  • We will do the album designs, and will take utmost care in maintaining the flow of events as it happened on the day. Once we provide the link for your review, please take your time to go through the designs in peace and give us the review comments in detail. We will be ok with two rounds review (for the entire lot of photos), anything beyond that will attract additional processing charges. Please do understand that I personally spend a lot of time processing and designing the album, so it will be impossible to go through undefined no of reviews and changes.

  • If the program involves travelling to a different venue in between (say temple to reception hall etc.,) please do include me in one of the vehicles in which the Bride / Groom will be going. It will be difficult for me to drive while am geared up for the shoot and also I don’t want to miss the happenings trying to find out which is the shortest route, etc.,

  • For full day events, please plan a break time appropriately, as staying fit is also important, both for you and me.

  • I can very well understand that there will be last minute changes, please try to keep them minimal and keep me informed in advance / at the earliest possible.

  • If the event is on a open space (not a covered hall), and in case of any unforeseen natural / other disturbances (total power outage in the venue etc.,), it will not be my responsibility to guarantee the quality of images, but all we can do is, decide upon something amicable.

  • I will need enough time to go through the photos and process them, so please do not hurry up on the processing. While I dedicate all possible time to work on the photos, it also helps me to have a break in between the processing, else I might end up doing the same thing (patterns of retouching) for majority of the photos, which am sure you don’t want.

  • I will not do any unethical processing, like cutting and pasting individuals / objects from one snap to another, etc.,

  • All the photos will be given in a DVD, if you want any prints / wall hangings, beyond that please let me know, so that I can get them done and deliver it along with the DVD(s).

  • I will use a few selected photos (not all) to exhibit my work in my personal FB / G+ pages (not public though). If you do not want me to put any of your photos, please let me know in advance so that I can refrain from doing so.

  • For all events out of Chennai, the travel expenses and accommodation needs to be managed by you.

  • I do not specialise in taking group photos, so if you want normal group photos, its better you hire a photographer for that specifically.

  • In general I’ve managed to cover weddings as an individual, however in some cases that might not be possible, say the bride & groom might be coming to the venue from different locations. I such case I will have to have a second shooter to help me out. So each event / wedding is unique, any single package won’t work for all, so let's sit together and plan it accordingly.

  • Once you have discussed and agreed the terms and conditions, a token advance needs to be paid as a confirmation. This will be refunded excluding cancellation charges if any (i.e., tickets / hotel reservations if booked by me). in the event that the program is cancelled or changed to a different date.

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