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The first time I fell in love with something inhuman is way back in 1995 when I saw a computer in a wholesale textile shop in Madurai. That’s when I decided I want to learn computers and eventually I managed to get into the IT industry. Almost after one and half decade came the second love which seems to be more dominant than the first one, this time its art of Photography.

Started in 2009, Photography has slowly become a second profession for me, mostly occupying my weekends and holidays. All the vacations that we plan revolve around photography and to some extent we have managed to keep it balanced. I have got a equally interested partner in my wife who has come forward to create and maintain my website, which is fortunately her line of interest as well.

I really don’t remember what made me go behind photography, but there are a lot of enthusiastic and energetic photographers around who played a bigger role in making this as my second profession. I now prefer to be called as a Photographer than just an IT professional.

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